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Edition 01/2017
How do European countries support family carers? A look at work-life balance policies in Germany, Austria and Belgium
Edition 02/2016
Muslim social welfare in Austria and Germany today
Edition 01/2016
Preventing Islamist radicalisation of youth
Edition 2/2015
National dementia strategies: Examples of good practice in Switzerland and Scotland
Edition 1/2015
Free trade agreements and social services – what does Europe think?
Edition 2/2013
Key issue: Civic commitment: measuring, assessing and acknowledging the value of volunteer work
Edition 1/2013
Key issue: Technical assistance systems for the elderly in the EU
Edition 2/2012
Key issue: Supporting services for the elderly in Europe
Edition 1/2012
Key issue: Social Innovation
Edition 2/2011
Key issue: Active ageing in Europe
Edition 1/2011
Key issue: Voluntary services in Europe
Edition 2/2010
Key issue: Caregiver leave
Edition 1/2010
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